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Introducing the Gideon series of avionics / datalogger / flight computer

We’ve released the design and code for the Gideon Mk1 flight computer with data logging capability as open source. Code is available on GitHub and the hardware can be built by anyone who can solder Adafruit components This design involves $57 of parts and can log relative altitude (by barometric pressure), temperature, and all G-forces[…]

The Helios Missions Paper

The Helios Missions Paper By AlatarRhys   1.1  In which we discuss the topic of a manned mission to Venus and how such a mission could be completed.   Time to Venus: ~100-120 days Aerobrake at Venus: Max 1 Week Orbital and Possible Ground Operations at Venus: ~1 Week- 1 Month Trip Home: 100-150 days[…]

Of Ground Based Testing

Within the design and building phase of a rocket or spacecraft it is critically important to test the entire vehicle on the ground. After all it is important to ensure your stages will seperate and the engines will light before you try and fail at 10,000 feet. What follows is the initial log of my[…]

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