Autumn 1 Headed to Space in Kerbal Space Program
Kerbal Space Program Screenshot 2020.11.08 Cropped
Asteria Aerospace:
Aiming for the Future

Who are we?

Asteria Aerospace is not currently a company.  I hope to someday own my own aerospace company and this is my stepping stone to that goal. Currently I have designed my own basic rockets on paper with the help of my amazing team, and launched several solid-fueled test rockets using off the shelf below-license level motors. Within the next year I plan to acquire my high power certifications and develop my own solid fueled sounding rocket to fly to 30,000 feet carrying various payloads and developing and testing technologies for the future.

At this point Asteria Aerospace has begun serious development of the Asteria 1 Solid Fueled Sounding Rocket. This vehicle is iterative meaning after a successful flight the next vehicle is designed to be more powerful, stable, and have better equipment onboard. Through this process we have gone from initial failures to the eventual success. And now we are going bigger…

Autumn 1 Orbital Burn in Kerbal Space Program
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