Autumn 1 Headed to Space in Kerbal Space Program
Kerbal Space Program Screenshot 2020.11.08 Cropped
Asteria Aerospace:
Ceiling Unlimited

Who are we?

Asteria Aerospace is an unincorporated group working to develop powerful rockets and design and build spacecraft to eventually fly to space. Our team works to create unique solutions grounded upon breaking the traditional rules of design within the Aerospace Industry. We not only work on physical hardware for High Power rockets but have also begun to branch into other fields of study such as design work on more advanced portentially spaceflight capable systems and in some cases the initial development of those very systems.

Asteria Aerospace excelles in three main categories of work. 

Rocket Design- We are in the process of designing and flying high power sounding rockets. Our current altitude record lies at 1 kilometer AGL however we expect that to be much higher soon as we continue with development.

Spacecraft Design- We are proud of our ability to brainstorm, design, and even create full sized software models of spacecraft that could be launched to orbit and even to other planetary bodies to study and complete missions.

Spacecraft Construction- Our newest branch of study. Asteria Aerospace is beginning development in the field of turning designs for small CubeSat spacecraft into fully developed spacecraft with the option of flying them on dedicated rideshare vehicles in the near future. We are excited about the advancements this presents to our team and to all who wish to get into low cost orbital spaceflight. And yes, we do play KSP.

The Rhea Launch Vehicle on the ground after a successful flight.
Rhea leaving the pad at NSL 2021
A simple satellite design being tested for functionality in Kerbal Space Program.
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