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Even though we are not yet a real Aerospace Company, we at Asteria Aerospace pride ourselves on the brainstorming and development of new technologies. Our team has designed everything from engines, to rockets, to recovery systems, to missions to foreign bodies. While none of these are currently in production we design and develop them as far as we can so that if the funding and chance ever comes around we will be ready to go.

Asteria 1.5- Suborbital Sounding Rocket

Autumn 1 Headed to Space in Kerbal Space Program

The Asteria 1.5 would be a suborbital sounding rocket to launch 30 kilos of mass above the Karmen Line. The goal would be to do this as cheap and easy as possible with at most a 2 stage rocket with all sections fully recoverable and reusable. The first stage would be a solid fueled booster with the second stage either being an additional solid fueled booster or a simple and small liquid fueled engine.

Asteria II- Orbital Class Rocket

The Asteria II would be Asteria Aerospace’s first Orbital Class Sounding rocket. It would run on Methane fueled rocket engines and be able to carry a small payload of under 10 tons to LEO or Polar orbits and with a transfer stage and a smaller payload, to GEO or Lunar orbits. Perhaps someday even carrying cubesats to Venus or Mars! The Asteria II would be fully reusable though likely at first parts would be lost as recovery was worked on.

Asteria II Taking off in Kerbal Space Program
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